I am not affiliated with the organizers of the big event in Oshkosh. The data here may not be perfect. But I'm doing my best to make sure it is. I undertook this project to make mine and others' experiences on the grounds better, and I hope I've succeeded in that.

The Problem...

Oshkosh is one of the best places on earth - but it suffers from its own success because figuring out how to see all the programs you want can be incredibly difficult if you want to see more than a couple per day.

Plus, since most programs are available at a few time slots choosing which to attend requires even more planning and thought.

The Solution...

This app was created to automate that process. You tell us what you're interested in, and our software will do everything possible (at least without the aid of a DeLorean, a flux capacitor and 1.21 gigawatts) to find a way that you can see everything you want.

The Instructions...

You can browse for programs by name, by presenter, by location (top of page) or by category (left of page). The search box up top will search by program title and presenter.

To effectively use this site, you need to know a couple things:

  • If you "add" a program the system will do its best to make one of the time slots that program is offered fit into your schedule. This is the recommended action as it will keep events separated and alert you when there's a time collision hazard.
  • If you "go" on a particular time slot of a program, the system will use that as precisely the session you want to attend, and will ignore all other time slots for that program. No separation services provided for items marked "go", maintain VFR on timeslots. The system will gladly allow you to double-book yourself here.
  • If you "ignore" a time slot, the system will never attempt to schedule you to go to the program at that time.

The Handoff...

We hope this tool is useful for you, and we'll see you in Oshkosh in 2014! If you have suggestions, problems, complaints or compliments you can find me as @adamcanfly on Twitter or submit a note online.